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Takeaway from today’s meetup with thought leader Steve Faktor on Corporate innovations

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To have long lasting innovative advantage a business needs

  1. a strong unyielding (but constantly evolving) sense of purpose (which should be guided by and dedicated to creating above and beyond customer experience);
  2. an all-embracing culture – which requires the business unceasingly reflect and redefine itself – that not only gathers people of different skin colors and backgrounds to work together, but also encourages far-reaching and constantly expanding and adapting products and services to be added that serve the above purpose, ;
  3. like-minded talents (how to find talent when schools are better at nurturing conformity and how to maintain talents’ innovative intelligence  when most organizations cave in to structure and bureaucracy for the sake of efficiency is a question I wish to answer in my own leadership development programs)
  4. a cooperative mentality rather than the traditional isolation-natured self-reliant view of success which borrows creativities here and there and puts together a useful product fast.