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Accelerating Your Success exponentially. @benjaminkaplan @wework

Another great meetup. Super inspired.

Ben revealed the secret how to become a successful thought leader in 6 months or much less. Finding your niche, starting small but unique, putting on the best entrance performance before the audience that provide the most disproportionate leverage for your next move. The genius of these methods is perfectly proved by his stunning personal success and his firm’s (

Watching Ben doing brainstorming is like watching a ferrari accelerating from 0 to 60 in seconds. Connecting, associating, relating, …in no more than 5 minutes, where it was heavily foggy now there is a way.


He is a wonderful example of good leaders: daring in vision, precise in execution. Adding kindness and compassion, the world has much to expect.



Takeaway from today’s meetup with thought leader Steve Faktor on Corporate innovations

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To have long lasting innovative advantage a business needs

  1. a strong unyielding (but constantly evolving) sense of purpose (which should be guided by and dedicated to creating above and beyond customer experience);
  2. an all-embracing culture – which requires the business unceasingly reflect and redefine itself – that not only gathers people of different skin colors and backgrounds to work together, but also encourages far-reaching and constantly expanding and adapting products and services to be added that serve the above purpose, ;
  3. like-minded talents (how to find talent when schools are better at nurturing conformity and how to maintain talents’ innovative intelligence  when most organizations cave in to structure and bureaucracy for the sake of efficiency is a question I wish to answer in my own leadership development programs)
  4. a cooperative mentality rather than the traditional isolation-natured self-reliant view of success which borrows creativities here and there and puts together a useful product fast.

Things are connected and can transform when they reach the extreme. Nothing is constant.”Tao Te Ching 25


There was something that finished chaos,/Born before Heaven and Earth./So silent and still! /So pure and deep!/It stands alone and immutable,/Ever-present and inexhaustible./It can be called the mother of the whole world./I do not know its name. I call it the Way./For the lack of better words I call it great.

Great means constant flow./Constant flow means far-reaching./Far-reaching means returning.

That is how the Way is great./Heaven is great,/Earth is great,/And the king is also great./In the world there are four greats,/And the king is one of them./Man is ruled by Earth./Earth is ruled by Heaven./Heaven is ruled by the Way./The Way is ruled by itself. (

(Personally, I prefer to translate 道 – the Way – into the Law)

It is a very illuminating Chapter. It answered the question that many of us has been perplexed and maybe even frustrated with our whole life – who we are, where we are from, what is that thing before everything else. The most enlightening message is “Great means constant flow./Constant flow means far-reaching./Far-reaching means returning.” Things are connected and can transform when they reach the extreme. Nothing is constant. When the leader makes a decision, s/he should bear in mind where the boundary is, within which the decision may produce positive effect, and beyond which the effect might turn negative.

To see the boundary, the leader needs to know how the world is governed by the Way or the Law or the Nature, the thing that keeps mostly constant despite all the changes on the surface. Such as people can change their clothes, or make up, or even the whole face or body, but deep inside their nature, their character stays relatively the same (if the inner is not the target). See through the superficial, work on the underneath true master of each energy source. Harness the energy like a good coachman – point out the direction, give it a push from time to time, restrict here and there, keep the horse focused, so the destination can be reached in good time.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 24


Those who stand on their toes are not steady. /Those who take long steps cannot keep the pace. /Those who are opinionated won’t be able to truly understand. /Those who are self-righteous don’t prevail. /Those who boast won’t result. /Those who praise themselves won’t last. To the enlightened ones, these people are like warts, despised and adversed. People who know the true way won’t do such things.

(revised from :

The world goes around by the natural laws. It takes time for things to conceive, to grow and to thrive. The best short cut is taking solid step one after another. Everyone and everything is only a tiny piece in this giant universe. Everything is connected to everything else and nothing and nobody could stand alone. People who can only hear what they themselves say or can only notice the achievement of their own are not seeing the bigger picture. When the world is a enormous chess board and hundreds, millions, zillions of chess pieces influence one another, isolating oneself from the rest is not simply unwise but also dangerous. Running into roadblock or off cliffs is just a matter of time.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 17


The supreme rulers are hardly known by their subjects.
The lesser are loved and praised.
The even lesser are feared.
The least are despised.

Those who show no trust will not be trusted.

When things are accomplished, the people (under great leadership) will say:
We did it ourselves.


The takeaway for leaders is that a great leader respects and trusts his people. He makes his vision a shared common goal and he ignites the natural desire to accomplish in his people. Therefore, he is invisible and yet he is felt everywhere. His people are excited and thrilled when they get things done, and yet it is the leader’s vision that is ultimately fulfilled.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 3


Not praising the deserving/Prevents envy./Not valuing wealth/Prevents theft.
Not displaying what’s desirable/Prevents confusion of the senses.                     Therefore: sage governs by emptying senses and filling bellies,
Curbing strife and strengthening backs,
Keeping the people ignorant and without desire,
Making the learned afraid to act.
If he acts without action, order will prevail.

The takeaway for leaders is if you want to see diligent and able employee, provide them the proper environment which induces the behavior that you wish to see. To create such an environment, leaders must start with themselves to make clear (1) what outcome they wish to accomplish; (2) how to create the environment needed; (3) be patient – it takes time for the rule of games to sink in and take effect.