Tao Te Ching Chapter 24


Those who stand on their toes are not steady. /Those who take long steps cannot keep the pace. /Those who are opinionated won’t be able to truly understand. /Those who are self-righteous don’t prevail. /Those who boast won’t result. /Those who praise themselves won’t last. To the enlightened ones, these people are like warts, despised and adversed. People who know the true way won’t do such things.

(revised from : http://www.taoistic.com/taoteching-laotzu/taoteching-24.htm)

The world goes around by the natural laws. It takes time for things to conceive, to grow and to thrive. The best short cut is taking solid step one after another. Everyone and everything is only a tiny piece in this giant universe. Everything is connected to everything else and nothing and nobody could stand alone. People who can only hear what they themselves say or can only notice the achievement of their own are not seeing the bigger picture. When the world is a enormous chess board and hundreds, millions, zillions of chess pieces influence one another, isolating oneself from the rest is not simply unwise but also dangerous. Running into roadblock or off cliffs is just a matter of time.


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